13 enthusiastic KL Bird Rangers had a fun exploring the world of Parrots as they get to learned many types of Parrots in KL Bird Park.

The exploration begins at the Love Aviary where they meet a bunch of colourful Indian Ringneck Parakeets and the bright yellow Sun Conure.  Not only that, the young Bird Rangers get more excited as they meet and personally hold Bonnie - the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Jamrong - the Scarlet Macaw, Albert - the Umbrella Cockatoo and Pizza - the little Sun Conure. Plus, feeding the parrots gives them a new experience and excellent bonding with the birds.

As a memorable token from this camp, a DIY (do it yourself) Scarlet Macaw bookmark was made together. Everybody left with full enjoyment and fond memories of the Parrots. Till we meet again in our next camp !