It was an exciting day for 16 KL Bird Rangers, age from 5 to 11 years old, to start their day on a bright Saturday morning. On this 4th Half Day Camp 2012, these young ornithologists have a mission to get to know 6 types of ducks available in the KL Bird Park. The exploration begins at the Bulbul Land where they discovered beautiful Mandarin Ducks, Carolina Wood Ducks and Red-crested Pochard Duck while giving feed to the ducks and fish. Then, they went to the Flamingo Pond where the young Bird Rangers discovered the Domestic Ducks and the Lesser Whistling Ducks. Next, the young participants have fun with bird’s picture painting for the Kids Room mural wall which leaved a remarkable memory as their handiwork been pasted on the mural wall. Till we meet again in our next Half Day Camp 2013!