On the morning of the 25th May 2013, 16 eager and excited bird rangers got on their feet to discover the theme of their 2nd Half Day Camp 2013 – The Owls. The exploration walk began at the Owl sanctuary located next to the Brahminy Land where our young ornithologists caught a glimpse of their first owl of the day in its aviary; the Spotted Wood owl. They were soon greeted by the rest of the inhabitants which are the Buffy Fish Owls, and the Barn Owl. After a brief explanation on our nocturnal friends, it was time for our young rangers to experience holding an owl. With a mixture of nervousness and excitement, they headed to the Photo Booth where they were greeted by our Brown Wood Owl, Malay Eagle Owl and our Oriental Bay Owl. As our fearless rangers took turn holding our exotic feathered friends, they were given a brief explanation on their habitats, their diets as well as their appearance which are unique to each species. The exploration walk ended with a group photo taken in front of the Photo Booth.

It was now time for our young ornithologist to show off their handiwork at our DIY session. Their task for that day? To make an owl from paper bag and coloured papers! After much cutting, gluing and blowing, everyone of our young rangers were proud to present their creative and ‘feathery’ standing Owls! As all good time must come to an end, our tired and satisfied young rangers took one last photo together with their handiwork. Till our next Half Day Camp 2013… Tu-whit tu-whoo!