It was just the start of the school holidays but our KL Bird Park Rangers were as excited as ever to start their exploration in learning about doves and pigeons. First off, they had to hunt for the free-flight Spotted Doves and Zebra Doves that roam the park. These birds are easily spotted at feeding points around the park. As the rangers continued on their hunt, they spotted a beautiful large pigeon known as the Victoria Crowned Pigeon. And because it has a lacy crest, one cheeky ranger calls it the afro bird! Along the way, they spotted the Pied Imperial Pigeon, the Pink-necked Green Pigeon as well as the Western Crowned Pigeon.  By then, the rangers were a little exhausted, so they stopped by the photo booth to have an up-close view of two white pigeons. They were eager to learn about the anatomy of birds and everyone got to touch the soft down feathers of Bonnie, the friendly Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo. After the short rest, they headed towards the pigeon cage where they learn about the Common Emerald Dove as well as the Green Imperial Pigeon. By now, everyone was exhausted.

And so, it is time for their D.I.Y project – to make a lovely origami pigeon for their mother’s and father’s day paper gift bag! Once the origami pigeon has been coloured by our rangers using their own creativity, they were given paper bags with chocolates in it. With a little help from ribbons, the origami pigeons are secured on the top of the bag and ready to be given away! As a recap for the day, all rangers were given a short note on Dove & Pigeon. 

Looking forward to seeing the rangers at the next Half Day Camp! Happy Holidays!