Our KL Bird Park Rangers kick start their school holidays by learning about Malaysian Birds. After introducing themselves to their new friends, our rangers trotted into the park to hunt for some of our small Malaysian birds. To start the day, they headed off to the 9 cages to learn about our intelligent mimicker, the Hill Myna followed by the Black-naped Oriole with its striking yellow feathers. The rangers were also able to interact with Samad, the Wreathed Hornbill at our photobooth. The next hunt was fairly easy as the enormous Great White Pelican can be seen from afar, basking at the area around Flamingo pond. Then, they entered the Bulbul land to learn about several types of bulbuls such as the Black headed Bulbul and the Black crested Bulbul. Before that, the rangers were treated to a warm welcome by our hungry carps as they feed them with some fish food. Continuing their hunt, they spotted our shy Red-whiskered Bulbul and female Asian Fairy Bluebirds before proceeding to enjoy the feeding show at 10.30 am by our hungry wading birds. As dozens of water birds descended in front of the Brahminy Land, the young rangers learned about the Cattle Egret, Black-crowned Night Heron and Painted Stork. Once feeding was over, it was time for some relax and quiet explanation about our sleepy Owls. Our rangers were excited to be able to touch Kitty, the Malay Eagle Owl. Throughout the whole walk, our rangers were very lucky to have spotted some of our elusive Malaysian birds such as the Great Argus Pheasant and the Baya Weaver.

Finally, it was time for their D.I.Y project – acrylic painting. It was mayhem as everyone got paint all over their hands and some even on their faces! As the facilitators worked on cleaning the paints off our rangers, they were producing beautifully coloured pictures all around. One young ranger was so excited that he painted three pictures within an hour! Once the paint had dried, their pictures were put up on the wall of the room to be displayed to the public. Before they were dismissed, the rangers recapped on what they had learn today with some short notes on Malaysian Birds. Till the next Half Day camp, happy holidays!