Couples in love, this is just the place for you!

Located at the Main Entrance of Zone 1, Love Aviary is one of the latest attractions in KL Bird Park. As the name applies, this aviary is the home to our colourful and adorable lovebirds which are well-known of their affectionate character and inquisitive nature.

Besides that, you can also find other seed-eating birds such as the pretty Sun Conures and playful Ring-necked Parakeets, all flying freely and joyfully in this romantic set up and beautifully landscaped aviary.



Stepping into this mini aviary will certainly evoke a sense of tranquility. Located next to the Flamingo Pond, Bul Bul Land houses primarily Bulbuls. Bulbuls are medium-sized, perching song birds. There are about 130 species of Bulbuls altogether, each unique in their own different way. Other residents of this aviary include the Asian Fairy Bluebird, Silver Pheasant and the Golden-breasted Starling.


Watch how chicken and duck eggs are incubated artificially using incubators and learn on the many aspects of egg incubation when you step into our new Nursery located in Zone 4 of KL Bird Park.

If you are lucky enough, you might have the chance to witness with your very own eyes the real live hatching of adorable chicks and ducklings!


Step into our new Peacock Gift Shop to get your hands on the immense selection of exclusive KL Bird Park merchandises and premium items.

From apparels to jewelries, soft toys, bird books to collectibles, you will be sure to find the perfect souvenir for you and your loved ones as a priceless keepsake to remind you of your visit to KL Bird Park.