It was the first school holiday of the year and our KL Bird Park Rangers assembled once again to learn about Malaysia’s Bird. But this time, it was all about the sharp beaks and talons; Birds of Prey. Once introductions were made, the young rangers headed off to the Owl Sanctuary to learn about these mostly nocturnal birds. They got up close with Kitty, the Malay Eagle Owl; Enul and Madu, the Oriental Bay Owls and Van Persie, the Spotted Wood Owl. The rangers were also introduced to the rest of the owls which are the Brown Wood Owl, Buffy Fish Owls and Barn Owl. Up next, the eagles make their appearance. The rangers were mesmerized by Ela, our adorable and tamed Rufous-bellied Hawk-eagle as they interact and touch the bird of prey. Next on the list were the Brahminy Kites, where our little rangers get to see several of them soared around their large aviary. Langkawi, an island in Malaysia was named after these majestic birds of prey. For their last stop, the rangers headed to the bird show where they were introduced to Mike, the large Changeable Hawk-eagle and Rambo, the smaller Grey-headed Fish Eagle. We were delighted to see that several of our little rangers were brave enough to take a photo with Rambo!


At last, it was time for their D.I.Y project – making a Bird Feeder from colourful ice cream sticks. As the rangers glued ice cream sticks together on top of each other, we had to make sure that they did not glue their fingers together! Thankfully, the feeders came out alright with some building their feeders into something resembling a mini tower! Overall, everyone did a good job on their project. Before they were dismissed, the rangers recapped on what they had learn today with some short notes on Malaysian Birds of Prey. See you at the next Half day Camp!