It was a bright Saturday morning, where 18 members of KL Bird Rangers were gathered at the main entrance of the KL Bird Park, eagerly waiting to start their day to explore the wonderful world of Eagles in the KL Bird Park. First, they were introduced to the Brahminy Kite in the Brahminy Land at the Zone 1, followed by the Crested Serpent Eagle, Rufous-bellied Hawk-eagle and also the Changeable Hawk-eagle in the Zone 4. Not only that, all the Bird Ranger members had a chance to touch and hold the tame Brahminy Kite named Chombi at the Photo Booth. All of them were really excited and very enthusiastic during the briefing of each species of the eagles.

Next, all the Bird Rangers went to the activity room for their D.I.Y. project of the day – an eagle face mask ! All participants coloured their eagle mask according to their creativity and the outcome is… Wow! …  It is superb and wonderful once they wear their eagle mask. As a note of the day, all participants were given a short note regarding Birds of Prey. Till we meet again in next year Half Day Camp 2014!!

Happy Holiday !