Zone 3

Enjoy a towering view of evergreen trees as you search for our elusive Rhinoceros Hornbill inhabiting the treetops.

Hornbill Park

The magnificently landscaped Hornbill Park depicts the true tropical rainforest of Malaysia, with its towering evergreen trees, some soaring up to the height of a 10 storey building.

This is home to our majestic Rhinoceros Hornbill, one of the largest hornbill species in the world.

Its shiny ebony black plumage, huge bill and upward-curved casque in the shade of vibrant red, orange and yellow forms a beautiful contrast to its surrounding and definitely a remarkable sight to be relished.

This pair is joined by a smaller hornbill species, the Oriental Pied Hornbill; the melodious Hill Myna; and the zippy Formosan Blue Magpie; while on the ground you can find the entertaining Purple Swamphen; all inhabiting the same closed area forming a perfectly balanced community.

You will have the chance to feed these birds during our Hornbill Feeding session at 11.30am everyday.

Hornbill Park is also where you can find our Hornbill Gift Shop, and our three-storey Hornbill Restaurant and Cafe, with a protruding open-air verandah overlooking the park; just the perfect way to enjoy your meal.