Dos and Donts

We will always do our very best to ensure the well-being of our birds and the safety of our visitors during their visit to the park. Thus, we do hope that you will take note on these safety precautions to ensure your visit to KL Bird Park will be a pleasant and memorable one.

Help Us To Keep The Park Clean
Food wrappings, empty cans and bottles and other debris will not only give an unpleasant sight in the park; they can also be hazardous to the birds if accidentally consumed. Please help us to keep the park clean at all times by utilizing the litter bins provided in the park.

Please Do Not Disturb The Birds
Some birds may have sharp claws and bills, while others can bite hard without waing. Respect them and do not touch, disturb, throw objects or shout at them at any time.

Please Do Not Attempt To Feed The Birds 
We strictly monitor the diet of our birds. Giving them the wrong type of food may cause serious health problems to the birds. Do not attempt to feed the birds on your own without supervision by our authorized personnel.
Please Do Not Take Home Any 'Souvenirs'
Everything in the park is the property of Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. Please do not pick flowers, collect feathers, damage plants or catch the birds especially by pulling their feathers.
Watch Your Step
The pathway in some parts of the park can be slippery especially after rainfall. Please watch your steps and be extra careful when walking in the park. We also recommend that you wear proper footwear when planning to visit the park.